Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool

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  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool
  • Best Generic Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Part Tool

Nowadays, there are so many products of generic vacuum cleaner attachment part tool in the market and you are wondering to choose a best one. You have searched for generic vacuum cleaner attachment part tool in many merchants, compared about products prices & reviews before deciding to buy them.

You are in RIGHT PLACE.

Here are some of best sellings generic vacuum cleaner attachment part tool which we would like to recommend with high customer review ratings to guide you on quality & popularity of each items.

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Eureka Generic Fits: All Floor Brush, Metal Curved Swivel Elbow, horsehair bristles, 1 1/4" fitting, 10" wide, color white

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Material Type:Metal

Works With: Eureka 713B Eureka 3988A Eureka 8289A Eureka 3123A Eureka 3630A Eureka 1700 Eureka 6000 Eureka 4000 Eureka 5000 Eureka 3670A Eureka 3684D Sanitaire SC3683A Eureka Mini Eureka 5500 Eureka 6500I Eureka 9000 Eureka Z1 Eureka Z2 Eureka Z3 Eureka Z4 Carpet Pro CPCC1 Fuller Brush BLC Fuller Brush FBPT2 Hayden 3600 Hayden 6000 Hayden 6000T Hayden 7000 Hoover S1361 Hoover S3590 Hoover S3765-040 Hoover S3670 Hoover S3755 Hoover L2310 Koblenz PV3000 Koblenz WD330K2 Koblenz WD330K2B Koblenz WD330K2P Koblenz WD600K Koblenz WD900K Loveless Ash MU305 Loveless Ash MU405W Loveless Ash MU305W Loveless Ash MU305G Loveless Ash MU405 Loveless Ash MU405R Modern Day Flo Master M85 Perfect C101 Perfect PB1006 Perfect PB1001 Valet 1500 Valet 160 Valet 4000 Cirrus CB50 Tri Star 2-51 Tri Star 2-54 Tri Star 2-101 Tri Star 2-102 Eureka 713B Eureka 1510A Eureka 3988A Eureka 8289A Eureka 3123A Eureka 3630A Eureka 1756A Eureka 6568A Eureka 3670G Kirby 505-516 Kirby 1CR Kirby Classic Kirby 1CB Kirby Omega Kirby 2CB Kirby Classic III Kirby 3CB Kirby Tradition Kirby Generation 3 Kirby G3 Kirby Generation 4 Kirby G4 Kirby Generation 5 Kirby G5 Kirby Generation 6 Kirby G6 Kirby Ultimate Kirby Diamond Edition Kirby Sentria Oreck BB870AS Oreck BB280 Oreck BB850AD Oreck BB850AS Oreck BB850AW Oreck BB870AD Oreck BB870AW Oreck BB900DGB Oreck BB900DGR Oreck BB900SM Rainbow D2 Rainbow D3 Rainbow D4 Rainbow SE Rainbow E Rainbow E2 Rainbow E3 Dirt Devil 082123 Dirt Devil 2155 Dirt Devil 2160 Dirt Devil 2165 Electrolux 30 Electrolux G Electrolux 60 Electrolux L Electrolux E Electrolux F Electrolux R Electrolux 1205 Electrolux 1521 Electrolux 1205 Electrolux Silverado Electrolux olympia Electrolux Diamond Jubilee Electrolux 2100 Description:Metal Curved Swivel Elbow, Horsehair Bristles, 1 1/4″ Fitting, 10″ Wide, Color White

Generic Rainbow Vacuum Tool Attachments Tools for Rainbow Vacuums

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New GV tool kit is made to fit all models and comes with everything you’ll need to keep your house tidy. The Floor and Wall Brush works great on all hard surfaces. The bristles are soft enough to be used on delicate surfaces without damage. The Dusting Brush is used for keeping your home dust free by cleaning overlooked places, such as windowsills, lamp shades, light fixtures, moldings, houseplants, screens and curtains. The Upholstery Tool Cleans Deeply embedded dirt that can reduce the life and vibrancy of fabric. Fantastic for removing dirt from upholstered furniture. The Crevice Tool cleans in narrow and tight spaces, such as between radiator sections, between cushions, along floor edges and baseboards. Every GV item made for Rainbow vacuums are designed to fit perfectly. GV is in no way related to or incorporated with the Rexair Company.

Dryer Cleaning Kit | Dryer Vent Cleaner Remove Lint Brush (30 Inch), Generic Flexible Vacuum Hose Attachment, (25 inch) & Connector | The Best for Cleaning Your Dryer, Refrigerator and Radiator

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Keep your dryer lint trap free of potential fire hazards and debris with a smart, flexible vent cleaning kit designed for today’s modern systems.

Every time you run a load of laundry in the dryer, little fibers are left behind from your clothes that slowly begin to clog your system. And while the removable lint trap catches most of it, there is still a ton of lint, debris, and potential problems left behind. That’s why we created the Dryer Dr. Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit to help remove and eliminate this excess lint, so you can keep your family safer, reduce the potential of fires, improve dryer efficiency, and keep your dryer working harder, longer.

Product Details:

  • Clean Away Lint, Debris, Dirt
  • Flexible, Heavy-Duty Use
  • Safe, Effective Cleaning
  • Compatible with Most Vacuum Cleaners
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Order Includes:

  • Cleaning Brush (23”)
  • Flexible Vacuum Hose
  • Universal Connector (Fits 33mm and 35mm Connections)

Start keeping your dryer vents cleaner and clearer to improve drying efficiency and reduce safety hazards with your own dryer vent cleaning kit today by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above.

Generic Replacement Flexible Crevice Tool 6 Pcs Vacuum Attachments Accessories Brush Set for 1.25" Vacuum Hoses (32-35mm Brush Set) …

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

An adapter help 32cm fit for 35cm(1 1/4 inch to 1 3/8 inch).
These vacuum cleaner attachment do not fit most Dyson and Hoover brands vacuum cleaner.
These vacuum cleaners are recommended that the replacement brush tools should be changed every 1-3 months
You can use these vacuum attachments to clean any part of your home, such as : Keyboard, any gaps, shutter, sofa, vent, drawer, car, pet dust, and more.

EZ SPARES 1 1/4 inch 32mm Universal Vacuum Cleaner Euro Floor Brush Head Brush Attachment for Floor and Carpet Combo Tool New Designed to Fit Hoover, Eureka, Rainbow,Kenmore,Shop VAC

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Product Name:
EZ SPARES 1 1/4 inch 32mm Universal Vacuum cleaner Brush Head Brush With Metal Base ,Metal Lifting , Plant Bristle , Double Pedals Fits Vaccum Brands Hoover?Bissell, Eureka, Dirt Devil, Rainbow…

Shipping List: 1 brush

The inner diameter:1 1/4 inch(32mm) . Please check the right inner diameter.

Applicable Model : For Most Vacuum Cleaner except Shark,Vorwerk.

Note: Please allow 1-3mm error due to manual measurement.

Since the establishment of our company in 2009,we have been committed to produce and supply the best spareparts of home appliances for the customers in the world.
Now we are offering the most comprehensive coverage of electrical appliance replacement parts for households over 40 countries.Choose EZ SPARES, we will be your good helper to provide a more convenient,comfortable and healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

Hardwood Floor Brush 1 and 1/4 with Soft Bristles Universal Vacuum Cleaner attachment 10 wide (Basic)

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Material Type:Basic

Hardwood floor attachment for most vacuums. The fitting is for 1 and 1/4 vacuums only. You can contact your manufacturer to double check if needed. Special soft Bristles to keep your floors beautiful. Brush is 10 inches wide with no wheels, and features a 6 inch raised front for wider cleaning with less dirt left behind vs its ”saber tooth opening” counterpart.

Vacuum Cleaner Attachment Kit with 12 Foot Hose With All The Attachment You Need

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Floor Brush for Miele Canister Vacuum Cleaner Floor Tool Attachment. 35MM Spring Elbow – Side to Side Rotation – Up Down Swivel – Black 12" Wide – Horsehair Bristles

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Works With: Miele Style G Miele S400i-S456i Miele S600-S658 Miele S800-S858 Miele S500-S5999 Miele S40 Miele S412 Profi Miele S428 Allergy Controll Vac Miele S434 White Pearl Miele S624 Deluxe Full Size Miele S658 Blue Moon Miele S5201 Ariel Miele S5280 Pisces Miele S5280 Callisto Miele S5380 Gemini Miele S5283 Park Avenue Miele S5580 Aquarius Miele S5980 Capricorn Miele S5381 Leo Miele S5481 Earth Miele S5281 Jubilee Bosch C2222 Bosch F1360 Bosch F1370 Bosch P81360 Bosch P81380 Description:Generic Floor Brush Attachment, 35mm, Spring Elbow Twists Side To Side And Up And Down, Color Black, 12″ Wide, Horsehair Bristles

Hoover Canister Vacuum Cleaner 9" Wide Floor Brush

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Works With: Hoover S3001 S3001-001 S3003 S3003-001 S3003-030 S3005 S3005-001 S3005-020 S3005-030 S3057 S3059 S3059-030 S3061 S3061-030 S3073 S3073-030 S3077 S3079 S3079-030 S3079-035 S3081 S3083 S3073-030 s3093 S3121 S3125 S3125-035 S3127 S3129 S3131 S3131-030 S3133 S3135 S3137 S3139 S3139-035 s3141 S3147 S3149 S3153 S3159 S3161 S3165 S3167 S3169 S3171 S3173 Hoove S3181 S3183 S3185 S3187 S3187-030 S3189 S3191 S3195 S3195-030 S3199 S3201 S3203 S3205 S3205-022 S3205-032- S3207 S3209 S3209-022 S3211 S3213 S3215 S3217 S3219 S3233 S3237 S3239 S3241 S3245 S3247 S3257 S3259 S3261-022 S3263 S3265 S3267 S3269 S3269036 S3271 S3271-036 S3271-060 S3271-070 S3273 S3275 S3277 S3277-040 S3279 S3281 S3273 S3283-040 S3289 S3291 S3293 S3293-022 S3295 S3299 S3300 S3332 S3341 S3345 S3391 S3393 S3393-020 S3393-040 S3395 S3395-040 S3397 S3399 S3401 S3403 S3403-022 S3405 S3410 S3420 S3423 S3425 S3425-060 S3429 S3431 S3433 S343435 S3439 S3439-070 S3441 S3441-031 S3441-070 S3443 S3445 S3479 S3483 S3485 S3485-070 S3487 S3491 S3493 S3499 S3501 S3503 S3505 S3509 S3510 S3511 S3513 S3515 S3517 S3519 S3520 S3520 s3521 s3523 s3525 S3527 S3530 S3531 S3533 S3535 S3536 S3545 S3547 S3549 S3551 S3553 S3555 S3557 S3559 S3561 S3563 s3565 S3567 S3569 S3571 S3573 S3575 S3577 S3580-050 S3585 S3591 S3592 S3595 S3601 S3603 S3603-040 S3605 S3606 S3607 S3608 S3609 S3610 S3611 S3612 S3613 S3614 S3615 S3620 S3623 S3625 S3627 S3629 S3630 S3631 S3633 S3635 S3636-050 S3639 S3640 S364

ZVac Compatible Attachment Kit Replacement for Shark Rocket Professional Vacuums. Premium Generic Shark Vacuum Extension Hose + Accessories Kit – Floor Brush, 24" Flexible Crevice, Micro Attachments

Last update was on: Wednesday, January 1, 2020


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